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Arts education encompasses exploration, experimentation, and an awareness of the senses and emotions.
Alla emphasizes developing the curiosity, creativity and expressiveness that children naturally display. Her wide-ranging experience enables her to teach many aspects of art, and she incorporates her experiences as an artist, teacher and mother to reach every student on an individual basis.

Mosaic through the Pebbles

As pebbles shape the flow of running waters
Experience in Arts enriches all your sons and daughters.

Endless rays of children’s vivid imagination
Shine through their palettes to new creation.

The stepping-stones of artistic fundamental knowledge
Empower our children to conquer bigger challenge.

It lets them grow and freely blossom
When they progress with every lesson.

As the mosaic-colored glass floats between the river pebbles
The world is enriched by all the artwork of our little rebels.

by Alla Chertok-Tripolsky
(This poem is dedicated to allARTstudio students)


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