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   Children & Teens
   -Fundamentals of Drawing
   -Perspective Drawing
   -Color & Design Theory
   -Mixed Media & Collage
   -3D Forms
   -Book Illustrations
   -Fashion Design
   -Theatre Costume Design
   -Portfolio Development
   Adult Class
   New Classes


Children & Teens classes
for 6 - 18 years old

Perspective Drawing

This class will introduce you to the three-dimensional world and give your drawings and paintings lifelike form and illusion of space, depth, distance, and solidity.

As long as three-dimensionality has existed, perspective has existed. As long as human beings have existed, there have been attempts to master perspective and three- dimensional illusion.

Students in this class will learn new vocabulary, such as vanishing points and one-, two-, and three-point perspectives. Experiment with effects of changing point of view, applying light, shadow, and reflection to create realistic images of our three- dimensional universe on a flat surface.

The purpose of this class is to make you comfortable with perspective and give you working knowledge of the subject.


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