Mommy & Me

   Children & Teens
   -Fundamentals of Drawing
   -Perspective Drawing
   -Color & Design Theory
   -Mixed Media & Collage
   -3D Forms
   -Book Illustrations
   -Fashion Design
   -Theatre Costume Design
   -Portfolio Development
   Adult Class
   New Classes


Children & Teens classes
for 6 - 18 years old

Mixed Media & Collage

This mixed media and collage class designed to reinforce drawing and painting concepts in a variety of media such as mixing textures and paste, varnish and oil mediums, gloss, matte and gel mediums. A variety of painting surfaces will be explored and the class will find new ways of interpreting their own subject matter with a strong emphasis on shape, value and design.

Demonstrations, critiques and personal evaluations along the way will lead the students to a more creative approach to painting. Emphasis will be placed on finding a strong abstract pattern that is the basis for a successful interpretation of any subject.
Mixed media and collage may consist of an infinite variety of materials: paper, fabric, string, paint, or found objects of discarded debris. The works may be intricate in detail and deep in meaning or playful and exploratory, but they are always a creative process - for the artist must possess the ability to recognize each item's potential and to unite different materials into a cohesive whole.


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