Mommy & Me

   Children & Teens
   -Fundamentals of Drawing
   -Perspective Drawing
   -Color & Design Theory
   -Mixed Media & Collage
   -3D Forms
   -Book Illustrations
   -Fashion Design
   -Theatre Costume Design
   -Portfolio Development
   Adult Class
   New Classes


Children & Teens classes
for 6 - 18 years old

3D Forms

The art of shaping clay by hands has a long tradition, paralleling the history of human being. It is also a craft that requires minimal equipment. Homemade carved sticks or purchased wooden modeling tools may be used, but the only real necessities are hands, clay and imagination.

Fun clay projects will introduce children to basic hand-building techniques including the pinch, coil, and slab methods as well as basic elements of Papier-mâché. They will be introduced to a different vocabulary while creating bas-reliefs and freestanding sculptures. Students will have plenty of opportunity to build and
improve their skills.


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