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   -Fundamentals of Drawing
   -Perspective Drawing
   -Color & Design Theory
   -Mixed Media & Collage
   -3D Forms
   -Book Illustrations
   -Fashion Design
   -Theatre Costume Design
   -Portfolio Development
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Children & Teens classes
for 6 - 18 years old

Book Illustration

Children's book illustration is both an art form in its own right and an integral part of the literary composition of the book as a work of art. To fully appreciate all the styles, media, and techniques represented in children's literature, one must be knowledgeable about art in general as well as about the composition and design of children's books.

Students will develop an understanding of and appreciation for the different forms of illustration by direct experience with media, using color pencils, watercolor and acrylic, and techniques, such as color, line, form, perspective, shape, etc. applicable to children's books.

They will recognize the order and complexity of page design and layout; discover the relationships to verbal texts, format and layout. Children will create illustrations, such as sketchbooks, storyboards, and preliminary and final illustrations. The end result is a book that you can read with your own illustrations incorporated within the pages.


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