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   Children & Teens
   -Fundamentals of Drawing
   -Perspective Drawing
   -Color & Design Theory
   -Mixed Media & Collage
   -3D Forms
   -Book Illustrations
   -Fashion Design
   -Theatre Costume Design
   -Portfolio Development
   Adult Class
   New Classes


Children & Teens classes
for 6 - 18 years old

Portfolio Development

As the portfolio takes primary seat in the admissions process, potential art students need to have a good grasp of what the portfolio entails, and more specifically observational drawing is the backbone of the portfolio.

Drawing is the most fundamental means of communication for the visual artist and is both the foundation and underlying structure of almost every other form of visual art, as well as a valuable art media in itself. It is clearly the most important part of the portfolio and should reflect some diversity in subject and media. Still lifes, interior and exterior architecture, figures, and a self-portrait executed in graphite, charcoal, colored pencil, or pastels may be included along with paintings, prints, and mixed media.

Class will focus on detailed discussion and given an advise on the contents of a portfolio, the best way to display students work, and how to strategically place the work in the portfolio. As well as the development of concepts for the personal portfolios and self-promotion materials for jobs, self-employment, or advanced education in the fields of fine arts, graphics, fashion and theatre costume design.

Upon completion of this course students will leave the class with ability to construct a portfolio of their work and self-promote their skills as an artist and/or designer with presentation album or case. They will gain an ability to observe, focus, and sustain a concentrated effort resulting in both an acceptable portfolio and valuable life skills.


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