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Birthday Parties
Let your child's birthday party be a creative experience!

Project Ideas - You are welcome to bring your ideas for art project.
(All Art Projects can be a party favors for all the guests)

ANIMAL MASKS - Make a fun foamy mask of different animals, decorate it with glitter and be ready to wear at the party.

CARNIVAL MASKS - Make a fun party mask with feathers, jewels, glitter, paint, and anything else we can find.

PAINTING AN OBJECT - Paint your favorite jewelry box, picture frame, mirror, puzzles, eggs and more.

3-D WORLD - Explore the world of abstract 3-D sculptures. Build your fantasy sculpture from wooden sticks.

FINDING NEMO - Create an underwater world full of fishes, seahorses, sharks, eels, angelfish and much more.

COLOR ME PLASTER - Choose from different plaster sculptures (dolphins, fishes, turtles, frogs, butterflies, flowers, cars, airplanes & more), and have fun painting it.

WORLD OF PUPPETS - Create your favorite character and make your own hand and / or finger puppets.

MOSAIC - Learn mosaic from different cultures, then design and create you own using different materials.

WORLD OF COLLAGE - Make your own unique collages from the magazine cutouts, photos, and assorted papers.

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