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Adult classes
in Redwood City studio

Because studying art enriches life in so many ways, many adults explore the mystery of the painting and drawing process to unleash their creativity, and express them selves. They learn from basic to advanced techniques in series of ongoing classes and workshops offered at allARTstudio.

Students have so much fun doing something they never thought they'd do. Tap into creativity with a variety of projects and material: pencils, charcoals, markers, pastels, pen & ink, watercolors, acrylic and oils.

Classes are open to students of all levels and are held in the professionally equipped studio. Our fine art program is an educational process that emphasizes process over product, allowing participants to build on what they learn from project to project and from session to session.

Class size is limited to allow each student maximum individualized instruction. Each student works with their own individual choice of subject and at their own pace in a supportive setting.

Everyone can learn. No special talent needed! Lessons at allARTstudio get the student started on the way to painting like a master!


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