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Doodle Bugs classes
for 2 - 3.5 years old

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and/or caregivers to introduce your young child to numerous basic art concepts, tools and materials.
Our safe and friendly environment with our experienced teacher will send your little Doodle Bugs in to the world of creativity, self-expression and imaginative discoveries.
Creativity is just as important to the child development as intelligence. Children will develop important school-readiness skills such as:

* Develop and improve their gross and fine motor skills
* Enhance ability to listen, focus, concentrate and follow directions
* Build self-confidence
* Encourage independent thinking
* Develop problem-solving skills
* Develop and improve their language skills

Children will experiment with a wide range of art materials and art processes, develop skills in drawing, painting, sculpture, stamping, gluing and cutting and above all have a lot of fun!

Get messy with your child and enjoy this special time together!


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