I like coming to Alla's studio a lot. I learned how to mix colors, stay in lines of my drawing when I paint and draw and paint much better. It is fun to be at Alla's studio but when I have to wait for next class, it's not fun. I like coming here a lot.
Nichol, Age 9
My name is Anastasia and I'm a middle school student. As long as I can remember (which is about 2 or 3 years back), I loved to draw. I drew only animals and a few people, but with just one year of taking art classes with Alla it seems I love to draw more and more. And for all I know, I'm getting better at it too. I started taking only one drawing class once a week but now I am taking painting too. I love it. It is quite amazing to learn all the different techniques Alla showing me that enables me to make a painting using so many colors. Now I can see more colors when I paint still life thanks to Alla's instructions and demonstrations. As for drawing with pencil, I still enjoy it and will probably never quit (as much as I complain).
Anastasia, Age 13
Ashley started her weekly 1-hour art class with Alla this summer before she turned 5. She has been doing very well her basic drawing and water-coloring skills have been improving; importantly she has lots of fun at the art class and she wants to stay there longer for her class, so she takes weekly 2-hour class now. Ashley loves Teacher Alla and the class!
Fan Zhang, mother of Ashley, Age 5
Every time I come back to Alla's studio I feel at very much at home. The friendly atmosphere and Alla's patience helped me produce artworks that I never dreamed to accomplish. Every time you start an artwork you set a goal for yourself and will the help of your peers as well as Alla herself, you finish it. Not only I am achieving my goal but also improving my skills. Being here improved me as a person. I learn to get things done on time, learn how to learn, and feeling like you feel complete. Even with minor setbacks you feel yourself growing from one picture to the next. Alla always helping me to relax and calm myself. It's ok if you are not perfect just as long as you learn to express yourself and learn important skills.
Anastasia, Age 14 (one year later)
All Art Studio is the best. For those who are just learning or those who are advanced, there are lessons for all. It is great because all children and adults can participate, not just the gifted and talented. It is great because of the emphasis on the role of the arts in one's life. It is great because All Art Studio provided opportunities for my child to work with professional artist, learning new arts skills and refining others. It is very obvious that Alla Tripolsky cares about each individual person in her class. This is not a job to her but her passion. My daughter has been taking lessons for about 4-5 months. Her light shines bright when she is engaged in the art. I don't know if I would have recognized her artistry and unique way of learning if I had not been involved with All Art Studio. I watch with interest as my child learns to find herself and builds her own confident identity. Painting and drawing courses look extremely interesting. I can see that in time and with practice my daughter could achieve a very nice and well-painted piece of art. I was so surprised about how much she's learned in 5 months. It's just great to join All Art Studio!!!!
Victoria Ionkin, mother of Anastasia, Age 13
We are so pleased to have met Alla. Our kids' love going to art class and are always very proud of their finished work. In just a year, we've seen lots of improvements in their accomplishments. Thank you, Alla, for all your patience, hard work and dedication.
Ginette Maldonado, mom of twins Josh and Missy, Age 10
Alla is a great art teacher. She is teaching me new skills. I especially like acrylics and learning how to draw. I'd like to keep up art lessons, in hope to be as good as Alla someday.
Missy Maldonado, Age 10
At Alla's art studio I have lots of fun. At first I didn't know anything. I learned to oil paint, water paint, acrylic paint and charcoal drawing. It's been about a year now that I had been taking art lessons at Alla's studio and I have accomplished a lot. I feel good about myself. I think you should be in Alla''s art class.
Josh Maldonado, Age 10
I love coming to ALLARTSTUDIO. Every week I am looking forward to coming to the studio. Alla teaches me a lot and gets me better at painting every week. I like coming to ALLARTSTUDIO because I love to paint, and Alla inspires me a lot. I have been doing it for 7 months, and you won't imagine how much I have learned. Every time I go to Alla once a week, I learn something new, so then the next time I go, I feel like I have achieved a level. Alla is a great teacher, she's nice, funny, kind, and she teaches you a lot.
Maya Turkenitz, Age 11
Alla is the best! I have always liked art, but was NEVER good at it. When I found out I was going to a art lesson, I was not excited because I didn't think it would work. I was so wrong! I am drawing and painting on a daily basis now and thanks to Alla, I am amazing. Alla works so hard to make sure that everyone gets something out of this, I know I sure have.
Sharon Turkenitz, Age 12
After 10 years, I finally went back to painting. I'm learning new techniques every week using different types of painting methods like oil, acrylics, watercolor, pastels, charcoal, and mixing different materials to create an art project. I have been going to Alla for about 10 months and enjoying every week, and looking forward to the next week. Alla is a great teacher, and I am learning a lot from her. Alla is very talented and creative, and that is what makes the lessons fun and interesting. Talia Turkenitz, Age 47
Talia Turkenitz, Age 47
Alla has helped me improve my drawing skills, design, and color themes. Alla's classes give me creative ideas that are outside of my normal influences. Also, Alla always thinking about her students. She often has pulled out new fashion illustration styles and inspiration ideas to show me. Alla's classes have developed my artwork to a higher level.
Tara, Age 27, fashion design student at SF Art Institute
My daughter Ksenia takes art lessons from Alla. Alls is a very thoughtful and observant teacher who understands the student and can communicate very well with her. My daughter learns to draw and see her surrounding world better. We are really delighted to find such a good teacher and artist.
Marina, mother of Ksenia, Age 11
AllARTStudio is the place to learn/study art because the teacher will help you beyond the simple colors and shapes. I learned about how to blend different colors and draw correctly. Alla helps us see that there is on plain color for the shadowy areas, you use cooler colors and warmer colors where the light hits it. I came here because I get to draw and paint fascinating stuff. It's not like a regular art class where you draw simple regular stuff. I also come here because Alla teachings improve my art skills.
Ksenia, Age 11